Thailand: access to contraception is key to lifting people out of poverty

A comparison between Thailand and the Philippines.

Thailand: access to contraception is key to lifting people out of poverty

Being a poor Catholic is tragic. The horrendous social and ecological and climate-changing devastation of the Vatican’s contraception ban can be seen in a comparison between successful Buddhist Thailand and the failed Catholic Philippines.

Thailand’s per capita land area fell by 40% from 1960 to 1990 (from 1.7 gha to 1.0 gha) due to the population explosion, but has since risen slightly to 1.2 global hectares. Look at this miracle (with Hungarian subtitles). I did some work on this myself in Thailand in 1992 ​

In contrast, the Philippines’ per capita subsistence level has fallen from 1.0 gha in 1960 to 0.5 gha today, and continues to decline due to the population explosion. They are already locked in the poverty trap: their country does not have the carrying capacity to have a chance to rise with such a large population.

Thailand has come from a huge disadvantage to a staggering lead: its GDP per capita in 1960 was half that of the Philippines, and today it is more than double! Both countries are more than twice as overstretched, but Thailand has a chance to become sustainable from twice the level and with its population explosion under control. The population of the two countries was about the same in 1960. Since then, Thailand’s has swelled two and a half times but is barely growing (at 0.25% per year), while the Philippines’ has exploded almost four times and is still exploding (at 1.52% per year, six times the rate).

The BOCS Civilisation Planning Foundation in Székesfehérvár has been working since 1975 to abolish the Catholic ban on contraception and to help the hundreds of millions of people who are without contraception! (Note: gha = one hectare of average carrying capacity. Data source ).

A cluster analysis of 60 years of 103 countries (published in English, German and Hungarian) demonstrates that the key to lifting girls out of poverty is access to contraception, curbing the population explosion through girls’ education and women’s liberation. Find out more:

Simonyi, Gyula I.

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