Trainings - BOCS FOUNDATIONThe BOCS Foundation offers to give lectures, trainings, or more informal discussions and contests. It is prepared to offer expert assistance in ecological dissemination of knowledge, global education, and in developing corporate social responsibility strategies for companies. It writes articles, gives interviews, and takes part in radio a TV shows about a sustainable civilization, both in Hungarian and in English.

We hold lectures at Hungarian and international conferences, courses, school board meetings, educator trainings, schools, universities, campuses, camps, festivals and other events.


Population and Ecological Footprint, The Little Prince Life Strategy, Global Education, Time Traps, International development aid, Spaceship Earth, Biodiversity, The history and future of Evolution, Production-Consumption-Pollution, Conflict management and Peace, etc.


Our “Mother Earth” and “Eco-history” group trainings help to understand the global facts and megatrends, the history and future of humanity, and the essense of a sustainable civilization, in an interactive and visual way. They inspire us to change our entire way of thinking, and teach the knowledge gathering methods of lifelong learning.

Our “Time Traps”  group training helps to avoid those life-choices that only later turn out to be bad ones. The process of globalization makes foresight harder, so we may easily botch our lives through our important decisions. With the passing of years, we cannot change what has already happened, and our choice options become severely limited. The program increases awareness, activates self-defense mechanisms, relays the morals of fables, myths and arts, and teaches the steps of deliberate decision making.

Our “The Little Prince life strategy” group training helps to discover and experience the intelligent lifestyle, the logic of sustainability, quality of life, and the non-material treasures. Everyone has the right to a training that prepares one for the challenges of globalization. Only that is development, which increases quality of life while decreasing global ecological footprint.

Our “Global Education” group training helps to make sense of our complex world. One of the main messages of GE is that the Earth is round, meaning that it has limits to growth. It teaches how sustainability is measured, and that a society’s ecological impact is based on its population, consumption levels, and technical efficiency. It also establishes the order of importance between these variables. GE visualizes the relation of wellbeing and its basis, in an easy-to understand image (The Oasis Picture).

Our programs may be tailored for:

– age group (middle school, high school, young, adult, pensioner),
– target group (students, teachers, trainers, employees, managers, activists, spokespersons, policy makers, etc.)
– group size (small group to lecture hall, classroom to gym hall, etc.),
– context (school, camp, teacher training, conference, seminar, training, club meeting, festival, obstacle-race, etc),
– method (animations, short videos, presentations, but even in the open as a contest, playfully, interactively, etc.)
– tools (educational animations, short videos, ecological footprint calculators, folder, cards, books, etc.)
– length (45-90 minutes, half or all day, weekend or whole week),

in Hungarian and English.