Russia is perhaps the last refuge of life on Earth – and therefore of humanity

Oroszország talán a földi élet – és így az emberiség – utolsó menedékeRussia is perhaps the last refuge of life on Earth – and therefore of humanity: the only large area that is not yet overburdened and has a dwindling human population.

Russia is perhaps the last refuge of life on Earth - and therefore of humanityAn ecological deficit is when the ecological footprint of a population exceeds the biocapacity of the area available for that population. A national ecological deficit means that the nation imports biocapacity through trade, depletes the national ecological wealth or emits carbon dioxide waste into the atmosphere. An ecological reserve exists when the biocapacity of a region exceeds the ecological footprint of its population. (See:

Apart from Russia, the ecological reserves of the other large areas still green on the map are being rapidly destroyed by the population explosion there and by immigration. In just over half a century, the ecological reserves of Argentina and Sweden have halved, those of Canada have fallen to 1/3, Brazil, Bolivia and Mongolia to 1/4, Australia and Colombia to 1/5, Peru and Namibia to 1/6, Madagascar to 1/7, Congo and Angola to 1/10, and all of these only because of population growth, since the per capita ecological footprint has not increased.

Since intensive agriculture about 10,000 years ago, larger populations have meant greater power, so population boomers (half a millennium ago, e.g. Western Europeans, until the 20th century) usually swarmed over and destroy areas with populations that were in balance with nature.

The rapidly worsening overloading of the Earth is now threatening the very existence of humanity and all living things. The only chance is to reverse the population explosion, liberate women. “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth..” (Gospel of Matthew 5,5) But where the population is finally declining, the invasion and exploitative pressures of the still exploding majority of the world threaten.

How can a non-overpopulated region protect the ecological values of its territory from the aggressive, population exploding majority of the world?

Machines and weapons can change the balance of power so that population size is not such a decisive factor. This eased the power push for reproduction in the 19th century. Until then it was in the interests of all kinds of power to overproduce people, to have lots of vulnerable and therefore cheap workers, birthing machines and soldiers. The “surplus” did not cause much trouble for the powers, it was destroyed by famines, epidemics, wars.

The abundance of fossil energy has brought such “development” in health, agriculture, etc., and thus an accelerated population explosion, that overproduction has become a threat to the powers that be. (More and more rebellion of slaves, revolution, freedom struggle, workers’ movement, women’s movement, unemployment, etc.) Therefore, overpopulation has long ceased to be an interest, but the brainwashing and heartwashing that has been forcing religious-cultural-social reproduction for millennia is deeply rooted in the collective psyche. Therefore, humanity is too slow to wake up to the devastating consequences of overpopulation. Fortunately, more and more enlightened groups of global capital (e.g. Gates, Warren, Rossmann) are putting interests of longer-term survival ahead of the short-term profits from the population explosion, and therefore support the human right to contraception.

The last hope for wildlife, and thus for humanity, lies in those areas that are not yet ecologically overburdened and can protect themselves from overpopulation (caused by population growth and/or immigration), and from the exploitative onslaughts of the world’s overpopulated majority.

Population explosions are always aggressive, since their main purpose is to produce human material (slaves, cannon fodder, birth machines), to take over as much of the future generations as possible and as quickly as possible (i.e. the race for population).
– Aggressive first and foremost with their own daughters and women, whom they keep in breeding stock, otherwise they would not be able to explode,
– secondly, agressive with their children and their poor, whom they keep in slavery, otherwise they would not be able to supply the exploding population,
– thirdly, agressive with the wildlife in their territory (“Get rid of anything you can’t eat or that doesn’t feed your food” – Daniel Quinn),
– fourthly, agressive with other peoples from whom they want to plunder new resources to exhaust.

The first point can save the life on earth: liberating women by the secret weapon of contraceptives (IUD, implant, inject) that can be hidden from those who force reproduction. Support the professional organisations that help hundreds of millions of people without contraception!

Gyula I. Simonyi



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