The use of the Free Carbon Footprint Calculator is very easy. Choose the language, the country, or region where you live, and you may continue the activity.

Carbon Footprint Calculator | BOCS FoundationGive your contact info, and the true consumption and lifestyle info on the form. After that, you can read teh carbon footprint results using the CALCULATE button. The carbon footprint is part of the ecological footprint, and it is the most dynamically growing component. Use our calculator for the satisfaction of your own or your partners, and make a step towards mitigating climate change.

The „Free Carbon Footprint Calculator” program is provided by the iCC-BOCS partnership!


The carbon footprint calculation and analysis may be realized by itself; measures aimed at lowering are among the most effective tools to lower the ecological footprint.

A well-designed Corporate Carbon Footprint Analysis can serve multiple business goals:

  • Managing risks associated with GHG emissions, and identifying measures aimed at lowering it
  • Informing the public and the parties concerned (e.g. for environmental and sustainability reports)
  • The possibility of joining volutnary GHG programs
  • Preparation for mandatory reporting and information providing in the future
  • Better compliance with possible future government actions and tender conditions (“positive discrimination” by public sector towards companies that use carbon footprint calculation)

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