The BOCS Foundation offers assistance for companies in the development of the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program. A good investment also yields a great return in the area of CSR. Those who are at the forefront, win the most!

The BOCS Foundation offers assistance for companies in the development of the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program.

CSR Services - BOCS FOUNDATIONThe BOCS Foundation, which has been dealing with global education for three decades, helps to put the best features of a company to use in terms of social responsibility! Moreover, it helps preparing the employees for avoiding time traps!

1. Even companies that do exceptionally well in economic terms, think that the global crisis is only the problem of politics and the civil society.

Most of them think associate social responsibility with overdone charity, which may only impair their competitiveness. But in fact, corporate social responsibility is not charity – it is an investment, which pays off. It is a win-win game, for the company and the society as well. Of course, investments only earns a return, if it is decided after proper strategic analysis.

According to its mission, the BOCS Foundation offers its decades long experience for companies in this generally unkown area, analyzing social and global problems, so that an effective strategy for corporate social responsibility may be conceived at your company.

2. Helping employees to prepare for the challenges of globalization is an important area of the corporate social responsibility!

Their personal decisions may prove to be serious mistakes in this rapidly changing world. Give them the gift of the vaccine against time traps, so that they do not botch their lives!

The global situation is different to what we think about it in many aspects. When we are making long term decisions (e.g. career choice, mate choice, home creation, enterprises, debt, procreation, etc.), we may easily botch our lives, or make it harder. Often, it may only turn out some of our decisions with great importance was bad after one or two decades, and it is already too late: we are trapped, time has run out, and it cannot be changed what happened. It is important to know the rapidly changing global processes, which strongly influence our everyday lives. Facts often show, in a shocking way, that what we have learnt, and what we know about the world is no longer valid.

The danger of time traps is indicated by the fact that andragogists, pedagogists, and youth helpers are more and more frequently experiencing that the game “How do you imagine your life 15-20 years from now?” is avoided, or the debates overstep the boundaries of the game, and sometimes even escalates into fights. The possible cause of this is that ever greater proportion of us experiences that the global problems break into our everyday lives, which increases insecurity, a feeling of futurelessness, propensity to aggressiveness, while diminishing their creativity and efficacy as employees.

The global trainings of the BOCS Foundation help to avoid these so-called time traps, and teach the intelligent life in the wake of globalization.

We are looking forward to your honorable inquiries,

Gyula Simonyi