No one has the right to procreate?

Őszinte erkölcsi felelősséggelNo one has the right to procreate without fulfilling strict rights of the potential child.

The direction of human evolution is to cheat brutal earth evolution with contraception and euthanasia!


Have you ever been fooled by this materialistically misinterpreted Gandhi quote a million times? “The world is enough for everyone’s needs, but not for their greed.”

No one has the right to procreate?It is completely false to understand this in material terms alone. Greed in Gandhi means also the multiplication of subjects! In addition to the powers, religions, ideologies that force procreation, parents are also greedy when they procreate irresponsibly (clumsily in sexual greed) or selfishly (their child’s labour, elderly caretaker)!

Gandhi was not an ignorant warmonger, and although there were no precise ecological data at the time, he never thought the world’s resources were sufficient for an exploding human population if it did not consume greedily (i.e. sink into world oppression).
India’s population has exploded more than fourfold since then, so that its per capita subsistence is only one-ninth that of Hungary. In other words, the poverty trap is closed for them, and their current poverty is no longer sustainable! Although the average Indian has an ecological footprint of only about a quarter of the Hungarian average, India’s population is more than three times overburdened and is rapidly depleting its land.

The lesson: those who do not work primarily for the human right to contraception, but who preach about reducing consumption by quoting Gandhi’s materialistic phrase, not only do not understand ecology, but have no heart (or idea of poverty), since access to contraception is the key to lifting people out of poverty.

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The “nature”
– is a resource to be exploited by the exploiters,
– boring, inconvenient and prickly to the non-nature walkers,
– a nostalgic beauty to those who miss it,
– for the conservationists, the basis of human life, but also a value in itself,
– for science, a brutal state of being, evolution: forced unlimited reproduction, scarcity, struggle, suffering,
for the mystic, a low rung in the universe.

A beautiful ring of galaxies on every finger, even on every toe. And on every finger of all 8 billion people, since we already detect more than 200 billion galaxies.
The average galaxy contains more than a hundred billion stars. That’s more than 2 trillion stars for every person living on Earth today in the universe as we know it. And we’ve already detected more than 200 exoplanets nearby in the last two decades, where life could be possible.
What advanced life systems could there be in this vast cosmos?


The earthly order of being, evolution, is rather low, brutal:
– all beings must reproduce in a forced and unlimited way,

– so it must constantly encounter resource constraints (scarcity) and competition (struggle, suffering),

– it must strive to differ, to modify, to mutate, to somehow overtake its competitors, but most of these modifications lead to destruction, descharge,

– for many creatures to survive, to reproduce, they have to cause suffering, to kill, to defraud, (and the sadism of evolution programs eternal struggle even into mating relationships, since the strategy of successful gene propagation is both male and female cheating + jealousy, i.e. deceiving and restricting each other at the same time)

– and then evolution selects for the “fall of the worm” brutality, moreover selects for indifference to suffering, ruthlessness (those who cannot expel the horrors of life on earth from their psyche become depressed, not winners),

– and what few survive successfully flourish on the skeletal heaps of failure, suffering, death, destruction.

– but we who have survived for the time being do not grasp the brutality of evolution, because the vast majority of the extinct no longer have any news or lessons to learn, because history is written by the victors, the wailing of the suffering is not heard in the cheers of the victors.

“Evolution is an amoral, heartless process that proceeds pragmatically, without concern for ethical preferences, codes of honour or value systems. Of course, it does not distinguish between prosocial cooperation and antisocial manipulation, because only what works for survival and reproduction matters.” (Lixing Sun)


Do procreationist religions worship evolution (“natural law”) as their god? (While even denying evolution, lest their idolatry be exposed.)
Evolution doesn’t care how much is lost in horrible suffering, only the most productive ones who make it to further reproduction matter.
Humanity forces reproduction at the expense of quality and suffering, humanity does the opposite.

Even though gene evolution was preceded by meme evolution (since changes in behaviour under the influence of memes are much faster than mutations in genes), it is also contaminated by forced reproduction. The family or ethnic group that was better able to push its daughters and wives into the birth machine (through memes, religion, socialisation, violence) gained the advantage.
Carelessness and interest dance around procreation, but the music is played by evil, which brutally enforces (public thinking, social pressure, law, education, socialisation…) the gene-evolution reproduction in the meme-world as well.

In brutal evolution, life is generally not pretty. That it is beautiful is what the reproductionists would have the masses believe. Otherwise people would not want to pass on a life that is not nice. And for the few, having many servants is what makes life somewhat beautiful. So many must live a not-nice life for the few to live a nice life.

And the production of slaves produces sacrifices: not only are the vast majority of the children born slave labourers for the rest of their lives, but the earth’s ability to support itself collapses underneath.

In recent decades, masses of people have been able to rise out of poverty, seemingly to the benefit of all. Who suffers the price? Children, the poor, wildlife and future generations. They are the most vulnerable, their voices are not heard, they cannot defend their interests.

For it is not only the human slave army of the population explosion that serves the somewhat beautiful lives of the few, but also an army of machine slaves. They are eating up the future as fuel. They destroy the climate, the soils, the forests, the waters, the wildlife, they pollute and poison the biosphere.


Only goodness that helps those without contraception! Without this chariity is ignorance or hypocrisy.
It doesn’t really matter if you responsibly procreate a little, because you can help prevent ten or a hundred times more by helping those with unmet need of contraceptives.

The human race has evolved in evolution, but it is outgrowing it, it is already in dissonance with it, it considers the need to reproduce, scarcity, struggle, suffering, brutal. Even primitive peoples have apologised to the soul of the hunted beast and explained to it that, unfortunately, they have to kill to feed.
Why are we in the world? To recognize the lowliness of the earthly order and to ascend to a higher level.


Contraception is the most crucial element of becoming human, a way to override instinctive reproduction, the driving force behind the brutality of evolution. The more evolved man can achieve pleasure without reproduction. It is the separation of fertility from sex that has set man apart from the animal world. Animals do not have sex, they only procreate (with a few advanced exceptions).

What is it that makes responsible procreation (and nonprocreation, childfree) so widespread in our time? What is the unlucky-luck that has pushed the human species beyond evolution? Already five major (and many minor) extinctions in the history of life on Earth have been caused by catastrophes: asteroid impacts, series of supervolcano eruptions. The current sixth great extinction is the first caused by evolution itself.
So far, the incessant population explosions have been self-correcting, e.g. locusts multiply, devour everything, then die out en masse. Now, however, the overpopulation of the human species has triggered a super-volcanic eruption-like catastrophe: it has punctured the Earth in millions of places and blasted the extracted fossil energy, underworldly envy, back into the biosphere, into the surface.


Thus humanity is well on its way to the higher level envisioned by Gandhi, to extinction from the brutal Earth, i.e. to “ascend” to a more advanced cosmic existence. The question is how much of this ascension will be humane and how much of it will be horrible.

A higher moral, humane ascension might work something like this:
Responsible procreation (see below), so few offspring, for whom it is not an overload, but much joy, little suffering.

– Many manage to enjoy life, but are responsible, so they don’t want to procreate because they know their offspring will probably not be so lucky, but may sink into the vast majority of sufferers. Fortunately, the childfree choice also makes life more enjoyable.

– For the vast majority, life is largely suffering, so they would not procrea tewithout the social pressure, brainwashing and heartwashing that reproduction forces. Hundreds of millions can resist even this pressure, but they are brutally pushed into a birth machine queue, deprived of the human right, knowledge and means of contraception. Morality begins by mitigating the deprivation of contraception

– It is part of human dignity to be able to choose to end one’s life on earth. Jesus also taught that one must be ready to give up life on earth (bios) in order to gain a higher life (dzoé). Even today, a significant number of people commit “suicide”, but the slave-producing society does not let them escape from slavery so easily, ninety-nine percent of them are pulled back (“rescued”, so that they can then mostly fight to die again). The adoption of euthanasia (good death) can help the poor to have the opportunity to do what is still mostly the privilege of the rich: to have the legal and health care to make their own choices and to move on under appropriate conditions.


Unfortunately, it is possible that the majority of humanity will not die out of the Earth in such a “die-off”, but
– suffering individually, eagerly waiting for death to “lift our brother who opens the gates” (St. Francis of Assisi: Hymn to the Sun), and in the meantime suffering accidents, sometimes even accidental death, so that they cannot break the eternal cycle of procreation, suffering and death,
and, as a human species, according to the rules of brutal evolution: the misery of civilizational collapse, climate catastrophe, nuclear war, etc., caused by overpopulation.
But goodness is effective even in such cases: the amount of suffering in the greatest catastrophe can be alleviated by supporting contraception.


No one has the right to procreate! Unless …

Only women can decide if, when and by whom they want to get pregnant. But they can only say NO on their own, not YES!

No one has the right to procreate without fulfilling the rights of a potential future child:

● the right to conceive by responsible choice, not by accident

● the decision of a well-prepared couple

● who are mature in their personalities

● who are raising children in a stable parental relationship

● the right to a loving home and community

● to a small age group, where there are as few as possible psychologically damaged, destitute children unwanted by their parents, where people are rare treasures, not overproduced, expendable slaves, and do not have to fight in droves for increasingly scarce water, land, shelter, shade… (so only those who help those without contraception procreate responsibly!)

● a healthy nature, an Earth that can live for at least a century

● where you will receive the spiritual and material resources necessary for a happy life.

So only those who help those who do not use contraception are responsible!


Contraception is a fundamental human right (UN, 1968)!
A child is not a tool, but a person. It should not be conceived for any nationalistic, religious, economic, political, family, military, family, relationship, psychological, individual, etc. interest, but only for the sake of the future child. E.g. those who panic about depopulation do not consider future children as persons, only as a means to their quantitative ends.

No one has the right to procreate! Meditation before the most serious decision:

Do you really want to have a child with us and conceive now?

(This is the title of our collection of texts on responsible procreation.)

“There is nothing so deceptive as human life, nothing so deceitful. Surely no one would accept it if it were not given without his knowledge. Therefore, too, if the greatest fortune be not born, hold it nearest to that, after a short life to be speedily restored to the former state.” (Seneca: Consolations)



“The man and the woman were both naked, yet they felt no shame. But the phallus was more  crafty  than any animal the God created.

The phallus said to the woman, “Did God really say that you, being already distinguished among the animals, can now no longer enjoy each other’s bodies?”

The woman replied, “We may still enjoy each other’s bodies, caressing, kissing, licking, sucking and fucking what we have. God only said about the sperm: ‘From now on, don’t let it into the vagina, or you will die.’”

Then the phallus said to the woman, “You will not certainly die any more violently than you did before, like animals. God knows well that your eyes have been opened, you have become like gods  knowing good and evil. So if the sperm enters your vagina, you humans will create, rule, decide on life and death. God wants you to procreate and multiply and rule over every living creature on earth.”

She knew that the phallus was pleasurable, pleasing to the eye, and she loved to feel it in her vagina when he orgasmed. So she was still not careful, and she told the man that there was no need to be careful. So the sperm got into her vagina and she was now pregnant as a human.

But with their eyes already open, they were shaken by the heavy responsibility of becoming parents. They realised they were naked and that they had become like gods, knowing good and evil. They can multiply, create humans on Earth, and decide which beings they want to displace from existence. What they had experienced with animal unconsciousness, the relentless cycle of procreation, suffering, death, now horrified them. They sensed the low brutality of earthly evolution, driven by forced reproduction.

They sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves. Then they heard the sound of the God as he was walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and they hid from the God among the trees of the garden. But God called to the man, “Where are you?”

He answered, “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.”

But he said: “Who told you that you were naked? Though you have risen above the animal level, have you ejaculated into her vagina, which I forbade?” The man replied, “The woman you put here with me, still did not want to take care, so didn’t I.” God asked the woman, “What is this you have done?” She replied, “The phallus deceived me, that’s why I did it.”

So the God said to the phallus, “Because you have deceived human, you have lied that evolution is God, you have encouraged procreation and domination, you will be cursed, the plague of overpopulation on the world. I will put opposition between you and woman, she will shrink from even pleasure, terrified of pregnancy. She will not trust you and you will have to trick, brainwash and force to get her pregnant.”

And to the woman God said: “I will make your pains in childbearing very severe; with painful labor you will give birth to children. Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you, especially if he has already made you pregnant.”

To the man God said, “Because you have continued in animal negligence with the woman and ejaculated into her vagina, although I have forbidden it, cursed is the ground because of your overpopulation. Through painful toil you will eat food from it all the days of your life. It will produce thorns and thistles for you, and you will eat the plants of the field. By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return. You cannot reach the Garden of Eden until you have tamed your phallus, which evolution’s reproductive compulsion has mastered, into a human penis, a player of pleasure.”

Then the Lord God said, “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. But he will not easily give up the destructive power of procreation. Let us see how long it takes him to recognize the brutal inferiority of earthly evolution driven by the compulsion to reproduce. Then he will again abstain from irresponsible procreation, break the inexorable cycle of procreation-suffer-death, die out from the Earth, die up to the Garden of Eden.”

(Based on Genesis 2-3 chapters, by Gyula I. Simonyi)

Simonyi, Gyula I.

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