We are drawing attention to the global problems and their causes, offering the most effective solution to the ecological problems, and to reaching sustainability. Through our trainings and other activities, we are promoting prevention. Contraception is a basic human right (UN, 1968), yet, half of the conceptions occur against the will of the couples, which has devastating humanitarian and ecological consequences. Population has a distinguished ecological role, however, we are not only dealing with population growth. Our trainings also address non-material happiness.

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We would like to draw attention to the global problems and their causes, so that humanity “comes to its senses”! Simultaneously, we are offering a solution to the ecological problems, and the most effective possible at that; through our trainings and other activities, we are promoting prevention.

It is the right of every member of future generations to be conceived as a child wanted by both parents, for himself/herself (and not for of some interest), who, as a grown-up could say: “I couldn’t even wish for more loving and prepared parents, a warmer home, or a better age”.

Yet, almost half of the conceptions occur against the will of the couples. The unmet need for contraception is enormous, which has devastating humanitarian and ecological consequences. Hundreds of millions of women dread an accidental pregnancy. Every year, about ten million underage girls give birth, and tens of millions of tragic child fates start as accidental pregnancies. Every year, about one and a half million babies die just because they were born less than two years before the previous childbirth, and their mother’s body couldn’t even recover from the previous pregnancy.

Population growth increases unwanted consumption (e.g. commuting, walls, locks, security services, etc), while hindering the increase of efficiency (e.g. less resources are available for environmentally friendly investments because of it), and for this reason, population has a distinguished ecological role, and we are treating it as such.

However, we are not only dealing with population growth. The “Little Prince life strategy“, which is featured in our trainings, highlights that the truly important things in the world do not cost money, and that meeting most of our needs don’t necessarily require material goods.

Our Mission - BOCS FOUNDATION World Population:
Earth’s ecological burden: 170%
As long as this figure doesn’t drop below 100%, civilizational collapse is inevitable.
Every minute: 266 children are born, of which 68 against the will of their parents.
212 women get pregnant against their will.
112 people die, of which 2 are newborns, due to lack of access to contraceptives (when two births come in less than one and a half years after each other, the mother’s body cannot regenerate, so the chance of infant mortality is tripled).
154 people are added to the population, which is population explosion.


EVERY YEAR childbirth


against the will of their parents


women who get pregnant against their will


population growth

Source: BOCS Foundation

Quality Family Planning Credit | BOCS - Our Mission What is sustainability, actually? | BOCS Foundation

The “QFPC™”, short for
„Quality Family Planning Credit™ is a new
„Voluntary Carbon Unit (VCU)”.

What is sustainability, actually?
The terms „sustainability” or „sustainable” have a concrete meaning, and it cannot be thrown around!

Would you like to act effectively for the climate, for the future generations, for the poor, wildlife, forests, animals, and to protect the beauty of Earth? Are you open-minded enough to realize your own interests (which coincides with that of the poor)? Do you have the heart to step out of the indifference and hopelessness? The „Azure Elite” are waiting for you, who first carbon neutralize their lifestyle through helping the hundreds of millions lacking contraception.

How can I be a part of it?

You can transfer money to The BOCS Foundation’s 11736116-20130037 OTP account, or click on the Donate button at the top of the page and carbon neutralize your lifestyle by 22 EUR/month. Every January, you get a certificate from your carbon neutrality in the previous year. This is by far the most effective and humane way of saving the world, so you don’t need to bother with the insignificant (often self-deceptive, or even harmful) greenness, and you can live as you wish without guilt. Because everyone should be able to live a decent life. Future generations will be the most proud of you!