Azure is the new green!

Azúr az új zöld!Live as you like, just help those who need

Napoleon‘s army of a million men advanced victoriously towards Moscow. (A little history to repeat: the Russians kept retreating and evacuating, Napoleon waited in vain in empty Moscow for them to come and ask for peace and pay tribute, and was finally forced to go home, and Europe’s largest army was beaten by the climate, the vast majority of the retreating army froze or starved to death. The vast majority of the half a million Russian casualties were civilians.)

Azure is the new green! | BOCS Global Think Tank Foundation

The majority of the council of war believed that it was possible to advance, to win, to raid indefinitely. But General Green wanted consumption reduction, smaller rations, economy of food, rations, clothing, ammunition, etc. due to scarcity of resources.
General Azure (Mature Green) said the opposite: The more frugal we are, the farther we advance, the later we are forced to turn back, so the more terrible the retreat will be. Being frugal is harmful as long as we are going in the wrong direction because it delays the system’s response, so we will understand the feedback later, that we are marching “victoriously” to our doom. Then, when we have turned back, it will make sense to save to mitigate the collapse and get at least some of us back with as little suffering as possible.

In the analogy, the advance is the population explosion, the retreat is the population decline to a sustainable level. Austerity, reducing consumption, only delays the system’s feedback that the Earth is not willing to support so many people. Immature greens only delay and thus make the collapse even more dire.
– The larger the number and
– the tighter the belt and
– the more depleted the Earth becomes, the more humanity will start to depopulate, the worse the civilizational collapse will be. The more terrible will be the famine, pestilence, war, heat, which will reduce the population.
So, as long as the population explosion continues, it is harmful to cut consumption and save. The mature greens are working for universal access to the human right, knowledge, tools of contraception, and to crush reproductive ideologies etc., and developments that will mitigate the horror of the collapse.

The 1960s saw the rise of a mature green thinking that recognised the world-saving importance of contraception. In 1968, with the bestseller The Population Bomb being reprinted almost monthly, the United Nations made family planning a human right, and although a few months later, the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights made family planning a human right, the world’s first ever family planning treaty was signed in 1968. Pope Paul II defiantly reaffirmed the ban on contraception, which was not accepted by the vast majority of Catholics (and the authority of the clergy declined), youth riots around the world broke the taboo on sex (and the acceleration of the population explosion). In 1971 the UN launched the ODA, in 1972 the Club of Rome published the Limits to Growth, the Sierra Club, WWF, the Pugwash Conference and many other movements and groups addressed the importance of contraception.

But the overwhelmingly still reproductive societies could not tolerate the taboo-breaking Azure way of thinking, so civilisational self-deception (technocratic or consumerist naivety etc.) got the money, the recognition, the publicity, the positions (also within the green and other movements). The 1994 Cairo Action Programme no longer has the status of international law. Access to contraception was only belatedly added to the 2000 Millennium Development Goals when it was seen that in the midst of the population explosion, the goat’s milk would go hungry and the cabbage fields would be ruined. It has also been ignored in the 2015 Sustainable Development Goals, tucked away in the sub-targets of the health and women’s equality goals.
If half a century ago the human right to contraception had been universalised, there would be no ecological crisis. Today, on the contrary, civilization is collapsing, and the best we can achieve is to crash-land instead of crash-land.

Do you want to take effective action for the climate, for future generations, for the poor, for wildlife, for forests, for animals, for the beauty of the Earth? Do you have the vision to recognise your own interests (which are shared with the poor)? Do you have the heart to step out of apathy and hopelessness? The “Azure Elite” are waiting for you, who will first carbon neutralise their way of life by helping hundreds of millions of people without contraception.
Make a donation to the BOCS Foundation’s OTP account 11736116-20130037 or click on the Support me button in the header of the page and carbon neutralise your lifestyle. Each January you will receive a certificate of your carbon neutrality for the previous year: This is by far the most effective and humane way to save the world, so you don’t have to worry about trivial (often self-deceptive, even harmful) green stuff, you can live as you like without guilt. Future generations will be most proud of you!

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